Library Pickup Lockers Offer 24/7 Contactless Service

Customers who are unable to get to the library during business hours can choose to have their reserved materials placed in a Library Pickup Locker for self-service, after-hours pickup. The automated lockers can also be utilized by customers desiring a contact-less library visit.

Library Pickup Lockers are available at the Cortland Library and at the Liberty Library.

To Use Library Pickup Lockers

To select items:

  1. Reserve your books, videos, or other library items in the online catalog on the library website.
  2. When prompted, select either Cortland Pickup Locker or Liberty Pickup Locker for your preferred Hold Pickup Location.
  3. Library staff will check out your items to you and place them in one of the lockers along with your Date Due receipt slip.
  4. Wait until you receive a notification that your items are available for pickup. Depending on your account communication preference, this will be a phone call, text, or email.

To pick up your items:

      1. Go to your library within 3 days after you are notified that your items are ready.
    1. Hold your Library Card under the barcode scanner on the front of the lockers to scan your card (if your card is in a protective case, you may need to take it out so that the scanner can read the barcode)
      – OR – Press the last 4 digits of your Library Card number on the keypad and then press ENT (Enter)
    2. The door to your assigned locker(s) containing your items will pop open!
    3. Remove your items.
    4. Close the locker door and enjoy your library items!

Pickup Lockers FAQ

Q: How can I get a library locker?
A: When you reserve library items to be picked up from the Pickup Lockers, we will randomly assign you a locker(s). Each time you use this service, you may have a different locker number.

Q: Can I reserve anything other than books?
A: Yes! If it fits in a locker, we’ll place it in a locker for you. This includes DVDs, hotspots, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines

Q: How long will items be available to pick up?
A: You have 3 days to retrieve your items from the lockers. After 3 days, items will be removed, checked back in, and returned to library shelves.

Q: Should I put my items back in a locker when I am returning them?
A: Do not return items to a locker. Place all library items you are returning in the outdoor book/media drops.

Q: Once the locker door closes, can I re-scan my card to open the door and get back in?
A. Once a locker door closes, you have 1 minute to re-scan your library card if you need to access the locker again. After 1 minute, the door will remain locked.


Introducing Library Pickup Lockers


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