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About Status Designations

You may see the following status designations in the library’s catalog:

Check Shelf = Item is on the shelf at the location indicated

Due (insert date) = Item is due back on this date

Due (insert date) Billed = Item has not been returned by a customer; item is not currently available

In Processing = Item is being readied for the shelf but is not available to customers yet. Customers can place a hold on such items.

In Transit = Item is moving to another location

In Transit + 1 hold = Item is moving to another location and a customer is waiting for the item

Just Returned = If not on shelf, ask at Circulation desk

Lib Use Only = cannot be checked out but a customer may use it within the library

Lost and Paid = Item has been lost and paid for by a customer, and is no longer available

Not Released = Item is being held by the library until its “official” release date to the public

On Holdshelf = Item is waiting to be picked up by a requesting customer

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