History of the Warren Library

Several efforts were made starting from 1814 to create a library in Trumbull County, however, it wasn’t until 1890 that continuous library service was established.

In 1877, Doctor Julian Harmon began circulating a small collection of books from his office in downtown Warren. People who wanted to borrow a book paid a fee of $1.00 and this practice continued for eleven years. In 1888, a meeting took place in Doctor Harmon’s office to consider the establishment of a permanent library for the City of Warren. An agreement was reached and the new library opened with 254 books and was open two afternoons and evenings a week. Lectures and fees provided the money to maintain the library.

On August 8, 1890, The Warren Library Association was incorporated by the state of Ohio and the Warren Library began continuous service.

“The purpose for which said corporation is formed is the formation, establishment, and maintenance of a public library and reading room.”
–Articles of Incorporation of the Warren Library Association

The library had a collection of 1,738 books.

In 1897, the library moved to the first floor of the new Court House. This new facility included reference and children’s sections.

In 1901, correspondence was begun with Andrew Carnegie asking him to finance a new library building. In 1903, Carnegie approved the plans for a new library and contributed $28,000 in total for the new building’s construction. The site on High Street NW was a gift from Judge Milton Sutliff. The new library was dedicated on February 5, 1906. The City of Warren contributed $3,000 a year to help support the new library.

In 1971, the present Warren Library building on Mahoning Avenue NW was completed on one acre of land, paid for by a combination of Federal LSCA funds, library trust funds and a large donation from the Warren Library Association. The library has 58,029 square feet on two floors with an attached garage.

Features include a large library meeting room; two small public meeting rooms; an outdoor children’s patio; a Local History & Genealogy Center.

The Carnegie building in downtown Warren now houses the Trumbull County Law Library.

The Sutliff Museum is located on the second floor of the Warren Library.

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