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(Left to right): Elizabeth Glasgow, Local History & Genealogy Center supervisor; William Nicholas; and James McFarland.

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(11/07/19) – The Local History & Genealogy Center at the Warren Library recently received a donation that will be an invaluable resource to anyone from the Trumbull County area interested in tracing their familial roots.

The McFarland Funeral Home, formerly of Warren, had previously donated to the library its records dating from 1897 to 1965. Upon the funeral home’s closing, additional records dating from 1965 to 2017 were given to the library.

While genealogists often look to obituaries for family names and dates, the funeral home records provide supplemental information such as place of residence and burial location.

With access to information like that, people can begin to form the missing pieces of their family’s history, including unknown relatives or countries of origin. These files, along with the rest of the files in the Local History and Genealogy Center, may help families to preserve their history and to learn interesting facts about their ancestors.

The records will not all be immediately available, as it will take some time for library staff to process the records for public use. They will eventually be accessible at the Local History and Genealogy Center, which is located on the second floor of the Warren Library.

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