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How to use the Dewey Decimal System

The Dewey Decimal Classification System is the world’s most widely used library classification system. It divides all the world’s knowledge into 10 major categories, from 000 to 999.

Each of the 10 major Dewey classes, listed below, has 10 divisions. These are further divided – the more numbers, the more specific the subject. In this way, the Dewey system progresses from the general to the specific. The decimal point is used to make items even more specific.

Books with numbers that begin with a “J” will be found in the Juvenile Room.

If you have any questions when looking for items in the library, we encourage you to ask the library staff for assistance. We’re here to help!

000-099 Computer Science: Information & General Works Journalism, News Media, Computer Programming, Internet

100-199 Philosophy & Psychology: Space, Time, Dreams, Paranormal

200-299 Religion: Good & Evil, Humanities, God, Theology, Mythology

300-399 Social Sciences: Family Life, Finance, Law, Military, Civil Service Test, Etiquette, Education, True Crime, Social Problems, Folklore

400-499 Language: Languages & Dictionaries

500-599 Natural Sciences & Mathematics: Natural Science, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Zoology

600-699 Technology(Applied Sciences): Technology, Inventions, Engineering, Medicine, Health, Fitness, Agriculture, Pets, Gardening, Home Economics, Child Rearing, Cookbooks, Business, Accounting, Manufacturing, Automotive Repair, Woodworking

700-799 Arts & Recreation: The Arts, Music, Dramatic Art, Performing Art, Sports, Photography, Art History, Crafts, Collectibles

800-899 Literature & Rhetoric: Poetry, Letters, Essays, Plays, Humor, Speeches, English Literature, Style Manuals, Shakespeare

900-999 History & Geography: World History, American History, Geography, Ancient History, Travel, World War I, World War II, Asian History, African History

92A – 92Z Biography: Biographies


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