Access millions of items through SearchOhio

If you’ve checked our library catalog but didn’t find what you needed, you have access to millions of additional items through SearchOhio, a consortium of Ohio public libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of items can you request through SearchOhio? Request books, CDs, videos, DVDs and more!

How long can you keep the items? Books and other print items are yours for 21 days. Media items have a loan period of 7 days. All items may be renewed. Overdue fines are 50 cents per day. There is a non-negotiable fee of $25 for lost or damaged items set by the consortium.

How do you find items through SearchOhio?

  1. Begin by searching the W-TCPL online catalog for the item you need. If you see the message “Your entry #### would be here,” that means that the W-TCPL does not own a copy, or if you see that all of the copies the W-TCPL owns are checked out, you can look through SearchOhio.
  2. Click the word “Search” at the top right of your search results OR click the SearchOhio icon in the right column of the screen.

The catalogs of all SearchOhio members will be searched!

You will receive either a record for the item you wish to request, or a list of items with a similar title. Click on the title of the item you wish to request.

Are there any restrictions?

Library customers can request items via SearchOhio only if:

  1. The individual does not owe more than $5 in fines.
  2. The individual does not have more than 50 SearchOhio items in process, including checkouts, holds, and returns.

You’ve found the record for the item you wish to request, now what?

Locate two links on the record: “# libraries have this item” and “Request This Item.” To see the libraries that own the item, click the first link. To request the item, click the second link.

You’ve clicked “Request This Item”…

If you click the “Request This Item” link and no libraries that own this item can lend it, you will receive the message, “Sorry, no copies available for requests.”

If one or more libraries will lend the item, you will be asked to select your library from the drop-down list. Choose “Warren-Trumbull” from the list. Then click the “Submit above information” button.


After choosing the library you will need to enter a few more pieces of information to authenticate and finalize your request. First, enter your name in the “Your Name” box. Then type library card number in the “Library Card Number” box. Next, check to be sure the “Pickup Institution” showing is correct. Then select a “Pickup Location” from the drop-down list. Finally, click the “Submit” button. You should receive a message letting you know that your request was successful.

How will I know when my item arrives?

When your SearchOhio item arrives, you will receive a phone call, email, or printed hold notice and the item will be held for you for 10 days. When items are due, return them to W-TCPL, and we will send them back to the proper library.

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