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All W-TCPL locations will be closed on Monday, Feb. 19, for Presidents' Day.



Skills & Behaviors

Job Knowledge

Understands the requirements and demonstrates the skills and abilities to perform the job efficiently and effectively.

·         Knows and follows Library policies and procedures

·         Demonstrates appropriate phone etiquette and procedures

·         Knows and follows safety/emergency procedures

·         Learns and applies new skills and knowledge

·         Understands required duties as defined by the job description

·         Resolves issues and concerns in a timely and effective manner

·         Maintains awareness of library events/services and communicates when appropriate

·         Understands and upholds the Ohio Ethics Law & Related Statutes


The ability to communicate effectively, with a wide range of audiences, using a variety of methods.

·         Listens to others and verifies understanding of the message

·         Responds to others in a timely and effective manner

·         Uses a variety of communication methods to achieve clear, accurate understanding of the message

·         Shares information and keeps customers/co-workers informed

·         Exhibits positive non-verbal communication skills through appropriate body language and eye contact

·         Exercises courtesy, tact, and respect in communication efforts

·         Gives and accepts feedback in a positive manner

Customer Service

The ability to effectively and positively meet or exceed the needs of the Library’s diverse internal and external customers.

·         Welcomes interactions in a friendly and professional manner

·         Anticipates and addresses customer and staff expectations/needs

·         Applies customer service skills to effectively address a variety of scenarios

·         Protects sensitive and important information/data

·         Recognizes and respects the variety of customers in the community and accommodates their diverse needs

·         Provides equitable service to all customers

Personal Accountability

The commitment to take appropriate action to meet customer and Library goals and needs, as well as accept responsibility for the results.

·         Ensures accuracy and completeness of work

·         Accepts responsibility for own actions and seeks to correct and learn from mistakes

·         Demonstrates a commitment to continued learning

·         Displays initiative & is self-directed

·         Demonstrates good attendance and punctuality

·         Maintains flexibility, accepts change, and adapts

·         Manages own time and priorities effectively


The ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

·         Willingly assists others by sharing expertise and time

·         Respects the ideas and opinions of others

·         Works with others to solve problems and achieve results

·         Interacts effectively with managers and co-workers

·         Contributes to a positive work environment


Demonstrates the technological skills essential for the efficient work of the Library and the individual work of the department.

·         Shows willingness to learn and keep current with library-provided technology

·         Shows willingness to learn and keep current with library-provided equipment

·         Actively seeks to apply technology to appropriate tasks

·         Demonstrates the ability to use a mouse and a keyboard

·         Knows how to access and use the Library web site, staff intranet, BambooHR

·         Knows how to send and receive email and open attachments

·         Performs basic troubleshooting of technical problems and resolves or refers appropriately

·         Follows Library acceptable use policies for email, Internet, and business information systems


Gives direction and communicates expectations and performance feedback. Maintains a work environment that contributes to the well-being of others and supports the Library’s mission and vision.

·         Provides direction and defines priorities for staff

·         Supports and motivates staff by sharing information, advice, and suggestions for success

·         Shows good stewardship of library resources (including staff, buildings, equipment, and collections)

·         Models professional and ethical behaviors

·         Fosters continuous improvement and innovation among staff

·         Understands the goals and values of the Library; models and displays/communicates these effectively to staff



Saturday, February 17, 2018

  11:00 AM "Jr. Genius": Learning Through Play @ Main
  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM LEGO Lover's Unite! @ Cortland
  2:00 PM Reading and Other Forms of Art
  3:00 PM Teen Advisory Board @ Main


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